A big part of what we do is our fantastic Interactive Encounters!

We are available to book for any party or educational group; having done schools, clubs, kids birthdays, adult birthdays, care/residential homes, alternative therapy sessions, weddings and even phobia groups in the past!

We are considerably cheaper than most encounters providers; and 100% of the fee goes into the care and maintenance of the animals!

We will work with you on what animals you'd like us to bring for your animal encounter party or event.

We also offer a "Face Your Fears" package that is great for more adult parties or fundraisers. This works well as a sponsored fundraising activity where your group can physically overcome their individual phobias of insects, snakes, rats, and ever-popular-tarantulas! So whatever you're considering an animal experience for- we would be very grateful if you considered using Encounter Exotics!

Further encounter options:

Want a one-to-one encounter with your favourite animal? Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime unique gift for somebody? We can bring an animal or two of your choice to you for a real personal experience for cheaper then you might think! Whilst the cost is dependant upon location, duration etc; please call or email us today to find out what we can do for you!

NEW Mini Encounters:

Whilst our 'full package', 2 hour long hands-on encounters start at £195; we have recently started taking bookings for shorter, mini-encounters. Typically these last around an hour, and will feature cuddles with three of our most popular animals, who have really taken to the encounter experience- Thumper, the Giant Continental Rabbit; Mrs Prickles, the Lesser Tenrec and, of course, Toby, the Chocolate Swirl Skunk!

You, and all of your guests can have your hands on these beautifully-natured creatures from just £100!  

Check back to see more videos of our encounters as we get them.

​Meet Our Performing Animals

For a quote or enquiry, please fill in our online form,

call one of the numbers on our 'Contact Us' tab; or email info@encounterexotics.com

Since we strictly limit the "work" and travelling done by animals in our care ( a maximum of 2 events per week) we obviously fill the diary quickly, please book in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

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