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Mrs. J. Morris

Sam Holland
Trustee, Exotic Animal Carer + Rehousing Manager


The housing and care of unusual pets is our passion and the primary focus of Encounter Exotics

Page: About Us- Encounter Exotics Charity. Goals and services


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Our team can bring a host of exotic animals to your event/party; creating great photo opportunities and the chance for your guests to learn about the weird and wonderful world of exotic animals..


Be it temporary or permanent, we can usually take on exotic animals, unplanned litters etc and provide the time and care they need. Occassionally, when the animals are well-adjusted; we make them available for adoption to great homes; enabling us to take on other pets in need.

About Us- Encounter Exotics Charity. Goals and services

See a nice article written about us in the local Newspaper the Derbyshire Times

Lee Holland
Trustee, Encounters Presenter, Fundraising Manager

Caroline Stuart

Trustee, Encounters Presenter,


The unusually calm nature of this girl makes her a popular attraction on encounters; and has cured many an arachnophobe!

Toby Skunk
This cuddly little boy goes on almost all of our encounters, and has a knack of quashing the typical skunk stereotype

Caring for exotic animals isn't easy, but it's worth it!


The team of exotic pet carers at Encounter Exotics are passionate about animals and love their jobs because they can give species, that normally don't get help from larger animal charities or organisations, the best care possible.


Encounter Exotics's mission is to deliver the best care and treatment possible, while remaining compassionate towards the animals and their owners. We like to enable potential future keepers to be well-informed about the needs of a potential exotic pet, for the duration of it's life; so that they are prepared, and make an informed decision- before taking on such a responsibility. We do this via fun, "up-close and personal" hands-on encounters and talks. Caring for animals is such a rewarding job, and we take it seriously.

Encounter Exotics attended my son's 10th birthday party last week; The presenters were great with the animals and the kids! His friends haven't stopped talking about Hugo the monitor since! Thanks, Encounter Exotics